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My Journey


I am writing in support of an entrepreneur who arrived in my office with a dream and belief in a product that she developed and created. The story that follows is filled with heartache and pitfalls; however Ms. Jones is not one to give-up on the things that she believes in. The tenacity that she has shown over the years to bring her product to the masses is the same way in which she lives her life.

Business Seed Capital, Inc. (BSCI) is an SBA intermediary lender located in Roanoke, Va., we have provided Micro-loans and technical assistance for over 17 years and have provided over 2 million is small business lending capital and during this time I have never met a more determined entrepreneur.

BSCI rarely takes the unusual steps to assist a business owner solicit customers and contact notable celebrities to have a product seen or endorsed. However, this is exactly that unusual circumstance. I ask that you take the time to learn the journey that Ms. Jones has traveled and the end result being a product that is both functional and practical.


Curtis Thompson

Seven years ago, I was invited to travel to Atlanta, Georgia for a business trip from my resident state of Virginia. The weather had been in the 80’s and really nice in Virginia with a weather forecast that said it was also supposed to be a nice weekend. The clothing I packed for Atlanta was sleeveless and suited for Virginia’s weather. One of the outfits packed in my luggage was a new white sweater with rabbit fur around the collar and a pair of black dress slacks. Upon arriving to Atlanta, it was raining and very cold, much the contrast from the weather in Virginia. There I was stuck with sleeveless clothing, not suited for cold, rainy weather, with no time to go shopping for new clothes.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to wear my new white rabbit fur sweater. Based on my past experiences of putting garments on over the head, I had visions of makeup all over the collar of that sweater. I was dismayed even before I got started. There I stood frozen as I visualized those smudges of makeup all over the collar of my white rabbit fur sweater. It was at that very moment that I became creative. I knew I had to come up with an idea of how to keep the makeup off my collar and stumbled upon an idea of how to keep my hair style from messing up when putting on the sweater as well. This was the day of discovery; I had found a solution that would prevent me from getting makeup on my collar! I thought if I have this problem, how many other people, which are on-the-go and of every walk of life, may have the same situation. We find beautiful clothing but because the garment is put on over the head, we don’t buy it for fear that it may become soiled with makeup or hair products as we are getting dressed. This was the beginning of how I conceived my idea and my new product.

From the very start, in the process of product creations, testing whether the product could keep my clothing from becoming soiled and later learning that the Face Makeup and Hair Protector helped maximize my hair style with minimum mess up. I have learned that the BJ Protector works! I have gotten to know that I would have many tests, only to learn that God is so awesome and amazing. I have been on a unique spiritual journey that has not been easy.

I started my innovative idea by hiring an inventor assistance company in Florida. I sent the company a prototype and signed a contract that cost thousands of dollars; I was so excited I thought this was it. Much later I learned that it was the genesis of how my journey would be, as hidden valley’s and mountain peaks.

Was 2004 the year of the hurricane? The state of Florida was hit by four hurricanes in 5 weeks. I would call to find out how my project was moving along and the invention company would tell me that they were without power, and that they had to close their office.

During this time I was living near New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricane of the 2005. From 2005 until September 2011 the Patent and Trademark Office would be a big part I have been where I have had no money but God brought me through it all. From nothing God has made something out of nothing, I have had to hold tight to my faith when I had nothing else to hold on to, and I am so grateful that I am starting to see ,my work come to fruition! The best fabric has been carefully selected and chosen to make the BJ Protector stylish and fashionable, and it is a product that you don’t want to live without. I am happy to introduce to you the BJ Face Makeup and Hair Protector.

My diligence has proved that it’s possible. But we’ve also learned that through hard work anything is possible.

My product the Face Makeup and Hair Protector is designed to protect hairstyles and makeup while putting on garments. It conveniently slips on over the head and face providing a barrier between hair and makeup and the clothing that is being put on. The BJ Protector is a head covering that keep clothing from becoming soiled with makeup and can be used by men and women.

My goal is to embrace the versatility BJ PROTECTOR offers while unleashing ones very own style. Wear it however you choose, providing choices, as it relates to style and self expression.

I am committed to providing quality Face Makeup and Hair Protector’s for protecting clothing garments for all people of the world! Regardless of gender, I am dedicated to provide you only with products of high excellence because I care about the customers.