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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Distributor of the "Garment Protector” by Beverly Jones. We are very clear about the benefits of diversifying and adding an income stream into your business. BJ Protector LLC "BJ Protector" is a reputable, long-standing company that stands with integrity behind its products. We are committed to excellence and partnership. By joining our team you are adding value to your business and positioning it to be on the cutting edge of the Makeup and Hair Industry.

Email: beverly@bjprotector.com
BJ Protector LLC
6219 Crumpacker Dr.
Roanoke, VA 24012
Telephone: (540) 200-8522

Once we receive your registration forms, we will contact you to answer questions and place your initial order.

As payment, we accept all major credit cards. All initial orders are sent via Priority Mail, Shipping and Handling charges will be applied to orders. Make sure to send us your Tax I.D. number on your letterhead for our files. If we do not have your copy on file, taxes will apply to your order.

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As a wholesale partner, BJ Protector LLC may list your business information on its website and in printed material as a retail location. Customers will be able to view this information and patronize your business as a BJ Protector retailer.

Authorization is hereby given to BJ Protector LLC to post and print business information as mentioned above

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At significant expense, BJ Protector has developed or acquired valuable and unique information regarding product formulae, product concepts and development, raw materials and business information. I have represented that I will protect the confidential material and information which may be disclosed by BJ Protector LLC and which I may obtain through any direct and indirect contact with:

Business Name

Confidential information includes without limitation the following: Trade secrets, products, product design information, price structure, costs, copyrights and other intellectual property, technical information, other proprietary information.

This Confidentiality Agreement is made effective today between BJ Protector LLC of Virginia, USA.